#685 : Diving in the crystal waters of Tahiti

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#685 : Diving in the crystal waters of Tahiti

Idea #685 – Diving in the crystal waters of Tahiti

Diving in the waters of Tahiti is the assurance of a beautiful trip, among tropical fish, turtles, sharks and sometimes whales or dolphins. If some dives are to be reserved for experienced divers, you can still admire a rich underwater life, animated by the incessant ballet of many aquatic species including sergeants majors, damselfish, paddle poles, diodons, soles or napoleons. When we gain a little depth, we can observe many sharks, such as white tip sharks, black tip sharks or gray sharks, visible from 35 meters, as well as triggerfish, or schools of silver trevallies, while in shallower depths you will find damselfish, octopus, clownfish, surgeon fish, angelfish or even dragonfish. Sites such as the Saint Etienne drop off, located off the coast of Punaauia, the Source, with its fresh water that blurs the water, or the Vallée Blanche for its sharks, are recommended to quickly take the temperature .. at 28 °!


Where is it?

Tahiti, Polynésie Française, France

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