#68 : Cave Diving under -35 meters

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#68 : Cave Diving under -35 meters

Idea #68 : Cave diving in the cave of Thais in Vercors

The cave diving is to reach places, inaccessible because of water levels. Very technical, these dives involve specific equipment and emergency procedures, adapted to this harsh environment. This discipline compiles both the technical progress of the cave and technical diving, which makes it rather dangerous and inaccessible. The water at 7 ° C is yet another constraint. Adventure, true.

Cave Thais is still in exploration : the last known terminus was produced in the trap at a depth of 91 meters of 330 meters with a very narrow area in the middle, about 50 meters, called “passage dab” … These dives require the use of gas mixtures like trimix . For our part, we reach -35 meters, with air !

Duration: 1:40 – Max depth: 35 meters – Gas: Air – Minimum level: N2


Some Pictures

Where is it ?

Cave Thais, Saint Nazaire en Royans, Isere, France.

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