#679 : Visiting a Peule ethnic group Village in Senegal

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#679 : Visiting a Peule ethnic group Village in Senegal

Idea #679 – Visiting a Peule ethnic group Village in Senegal

The Fulani are an ethnic group of nomads and semi-nomads living in Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Chad, Sudan but they are also found in Nigeria, Cameroon, Togo. They are for the most clear complexion with a little resemblance to the Arabs and especially the Egyptians, their original origin. In Senegal, the Haalpulaar, Fulani and Toucouleur population, constitute the second ethnic group after the Wolofs. Most Peuls in rural areas are mainly pastoralists and their way of life is punctuated by the seasonal needs of livestock. Cow is important not only in the diet and household economy, but also in social relations and mythology. The goat, the hens, are also animals very frequently raised by sedentary peoples as nomads. The prestige animal is the horse; it is present only among sedentary Fulani from the basins of the Niger River and Senegal and around Lake Chad. Fulani people, however, often remain very poor, living in great precariousness. Feel free to visit them with soap, sweets or other essentials; very welcoming, they will invite you back to a small tour of their village, even to share a meal with the village chief.


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