# 67: Meeting chamois, ibex and marmots

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# 67: Meeting chamois, ibex and marmots

Idea # 67 – Observation of the alpine wildlife

It is possible to see large animals of alpine fauna in the hills and forests around the Mont Blanc.  Ibex, chamois, mouflon run, climb, and sometimes stop, surprised, facing the camera. Others, more fierce, conduct their little lives unbeknownst to all, as our friend marmot (who works in a chocolate factory, and handles paper folding of aluminum, but it ‘ is another story …). It can be found from 1000 meters on exposed slopes and rocky water and up to about 3000 meters . It is easily observed during the month of September , during which it prepares the winter sitting at the entrance of his burrow .

The marmot lives in a colony counts 5-18 individuals ; among the latter, a animal is designated to keep watch. Thus, in case of danger, the guardian makes two whistles. One is used to tell the colony that something is wrong, and  the animals reach immediatly the entrance of their burrows back. The second whistles is to confirm the reality of the alert. Animals then disappear   in their burrows. Of course, it is not recommended to come with dogs, even on a leash. With a little luck, you may have the chance to  some marmots, high grass caught between the teeth . Patience, discretion, hush, they are there …


Where is it?

Reserve Merlet, Chamonix, Haute Savoie, France / Gran Paradiso, Italy

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