#65 : Visiting the Two Seas Kingdom

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#65 : Visiting the Two Seas Kingdom

Idea  65 – Visiting the Kingdom of Bahrain

Bahrain, literally “ the two seas ” is a country located on an archipelago of Persian Gulf West Asia . The island of Bahrain could be the ancient Dilmun, and is mentioned throughout history of Mesopotamia since the IIIe millennium BC. The main island is connected to its nearest neighbor, Saudi Arabia, through the floor of King Fahd. Bahrain’s economy is heavily dependent of oil, which represents 60% of total exports , 70% of government revenues and 30% of GDP.

Manama (Arabic: المنامة Al-Manāmah ) is the capital of Bahrain. The economic base of Manama is the same as that of Bahrain: the petroleum refining, the construction of dhows (traditional boats), the fishing and harvesting of pearls. Manama is deserved by Bahrain International Airport on Muharraq island, to which it is connected by a highway. Its business center have several spectacular modern buildings as the twin towers of Bahrain World Trade Center, the twin towers of Bahrain Financial Harbour, the Tower National Bank of Bahrain , the Almoayyed Tower and the three residential towers Abraj Al Lulu. The rest is only desert.


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Manama, Bahrain

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