#610 : Exploring the amazing Skazka Canyon in Kirghizstan

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#610 : Exploring the amazing Skazka Canyon in Kirghizstan

Idea #610 – Exploring the amazing Skazka Canyon in Kirghizstan

Located about thirty kilometers from Bokonbayevo near Lake Issik Kull, the Skazka Canyon, also called the Fairy tale Canyon, is a maze of colorful hills between lake and high mountains. The beauty of the place is the subject of many legends. It is said that “the power of the Holy Spirit sent winds and strong weather to the plain that pushed the earth to form rocks with mysterious aspects”. Shaped in the course of time by winds and rains, the rocks come in various forms, some of which are reminiscent of animals or fortresses. Among other things, you can discover the ridges nicknamed “The Great Wall of China” because of its strange resemblance to this one; for the rest, it is up to you to make your imagination work to try to detect, as for the clouds, particular forms. You can easily walk in the quiet because it, despite its striking beauty, is not yet well known tour guides.


Where is it ?

Canyon de Skazka “Fairy Tale”, Bokonbaevo, Kirghizistan

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