#604 : Exploring Altyn Emel Nature Park in Kazakhstan

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#604 : Exploring Altyn Emel Nature Park in Kazakhstan

Idea #604 – Exploring Altyn Emel Nature Park in Kazakhstan

Altyn-Emel National Park occupies an area of ​​more than 4600 square kilometers. The park was established in 1996 in the Ili River Valley. It was recognized as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in June 2017. The park encompasses various landscapes, from mountains to sand desert, with rocky terrain. The sand dune “Singing Dune” is a major attraction of the park. During the dry season, the dune produces weak vibrations, thus starting to sing. The importance of park archeology is represented by the petroglyphs of Terekty, where rock paintings and stone carvings have been preserved. The Besshatyr complex is a complex of funeral mounds of ancient civilizations. The Atkau and Katutau mountains are also remarkable.
The park has more than 600 floral species, of which 29 are endemic. The flora includes a saxaul shrub, tulips, wormwood and Asian poplar. Mammals in the park include the very rare snow leopard, Central Asian otter, marsh marten, Bukhara deer, jerboa, golden eagle, Przewalski horse, hemion, or antelope saiga. The Ili River and the artificial Kapchagai Lake are home to many species of fish such as catfish, European carp and zander. The park has a continental climate, with freezing winters and hot summers.


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Altyn Emel Nature Park, Kazakhstan

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