#574 : Exploring the Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan

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#574 : Exploring the Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan

Idea #574 – Exploring the Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan

Wadi Rum or Wadi Ramm, is a desert of Jordan, mainly known by the story and the papers of Lawrence of Arabia, who leads it the revolution of the Arabic tribes against Ottoman Empire during the World War I. The desert was occupied from the Neolithic period by nomadic peoples, then is crossed by commercial nabatean roads. During the first ones centuries AD. Thamudiques tribes lived there and engraved more than 25 000 petroglyphs on rocky paving stones, representing men, big feet, ibexes of Nubia, camels, big cats and hunters. The desert, classified on the list of the UNESCO world heritage, counts the highest summit of the Jordan (Djebel Rum, 1754 meters), and numerous caves, canyons, cliffs and dunes. It is accessible only in jeep or by camels, and allows a real dumping in a quasi-lunar world.


Where is it?

Wadi Rum desert, Jordan

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