#545 : Learning to drink like a giraffe

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#545 : Learning to drink like a giraffe

Idea #545 – Learning to drink like a giraffe

The giraffe is at once recognizable because it is the “highest” animal of the savanna. Its yellow or white coat is speckled by red-haired or by black-haired, and its look is very graceful. The giraffe possesses two horns on the top of the skull which are “ossicones”, that is osseous appendixes covered with skin.

The giraffe feeds mainly on tree leaves, but also on flowers or on fruits. It likes particularly locust trees, of spines of which she is not afraid thanks to her long muscular tongue which can measure up to 45 cms. It eats on average 30 kg of vegetables a day, and needs to drink regularly – approximately every two days – unless it finds a food rich enough in water. The giraffe is indeed vulnerable when she has to bend to drink, and thus avoids making it more than necessity. The position remains rather intriguing, wide opened legs, and we felt obliged of immortalized these moments and to share them !


Where is it?

Etosha National Park, Namibia

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