#516 – Visiting the troglodytic city of Vardzia in Georgia

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#516 – Visiting the troglodytic city of Vardzia in Georgia

Idea #516 – Visiting the historic city of Vardzia in Georgia

Vardzia is a troglodytic archeological site, situated in the South of Georgia, on the Mountain Erusheti in the left bank of the river Mtkvari and in 30 km of Aspindza and in 12 km from Turkey.

Founded partially by the big Georgian queen, Tamar, the city was at the same time a monastic, intellectual and military center from the XIIth century. Ruined by the war and the earthquakes, the city is labyrinthine, dug on the wall of a gigantic hill, in which become muddled caves and underground passages. Caves stretch along the cliff on approximately five hundred meters on nineteen levels. The site contained more than 3000 caves, connected by a complex system of tunnels, and could welcome up to 5000 people. The legend claims that the royal palace counted 360 rooms, one for every day of the year. The site is registered on the list indicative of the UNESCO world heritage.


Where is it?

Vardzia, Georgia

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