#510 : Visiting the historic city of Tbilissi in Georgia

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#510 : Visiting the historic city of Tbilissi in Georgia

Idea #510 – Visiting the historic city of Tbilissi in Georgia

The city of Tbilisi, the capital of the Republic of Georgia, sits over the banks of the river Koura. According to the legend, the city was founded in 5th century AD, by the king of Iberia Vakhtang Gorgassal. While the lord went hunting in a woody valley, it shut down a phesant with an Arrow. The king’s hawk pursued the pheasant and both birds fell into a hot spring. The Kkng found the curative spring and ordered to build a city there and to name it “Tbilisi”, the word ” tbili ” meaning “warm, hot ” in Georgian.

The city became the capital of the kingdom of oriental Georgia in the VIth century. The city grew uo very fast, because of its position on the silk route, but it was also regularly desired by other powers and had knwon numerous devastations. In 1122, after violent fights which brought into conflict 300 000 seldjoukides Turks against 60 000 Georgians, king of Georgia David IV tthe Reconstructeur got victorious in Tbilisi and established the capital of the reunited Georgian kingdom. In 1801, the kingdom of oriental Georgia Karthl-Kakhétie was annexed by the Russian empire.

Visit the sulphurous baths, fed by naturally hot mineral waters in 47°C, at the origins of the city. Also rise to the fortress Narikala fortress, founded in the IVth century before the creation of the capital, and established on a stiff hill dominating the river. Its Persian name Nari-Khala means “Untakable Fortress”…


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Tbilissi, Georgia

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