#50 : Visiting the antic remains of Roma Antica City

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#50 : Visiting the antic remains of Roma Antica City

Idea #50 – Visiting the antic remains of Roma City

According to the legend, the city of Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus in 753 av. J.-C.. The city  the city of Rome was at first the center of the Roman Republic, then of the entire Roman Empire. In Ancient Rome succeeded Christian Rome from the IVe century. The Christian city was built over the antique city, and all its places, buildings and materials being reused. At the end of the XVth century, the popes encouraged a profound renewal of the city and its image, reflecting the spirit of the clarissime of the Renaissance and, later, that of the Baroque. Since its foundation, Rome was associated constantly with the history of the humanity.

The antique, complex and laminated vestiges, include exceptional archeological areas, integrated into the urban fabric, which ended in the training of an extremely differentiated set. Their state varies considerably, of the simple ruin such certain temples of the Forum, in a quasi-intact state such as the Pantheon.

Having discovered the incredible Coliseum, climb on Palatine Hill, mythical place where the city would have been created. By going back up Via dei Fori Imperiali, stop to visit the Forum Romain and the imperial Forums. Since the Forum Romain, cross the place Venezia to join the Capitol. The Capitol Square and especially its palaces establish the Mecca urban affairs since its creation. A little farther, go to visit the vestiges of the stage; in the South of the city, the thermal baths of Caracalla, the biggest thermal baths never built in Rome, are worth it. Beyond this fast description, open your eyes: at every corner of street, the vestiges of the center of Roman Empire are around you, absorbed, integrated, merged, with later constructions. Rome is an immense archeological site, a cradle of the history of modern Europe, registred rightly on the UNESCO world heritage list.


Where is it ?

Rome, Italie

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