#496 : Visiting the archeological site of Karahunj in Aremnia

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#496 : Visiting the archeological site of Karahunj in Aremnia

Idea #496 – Visiting the archeological site of Karahunj in Aremnia

Zorats Karer, also conscript Karahunj, is a megalithic site of the region of Syunik in Armenia, situated in 3 km in the North of Sissian. It could date the VIth millennium B.C.

The site consists of a boxing ring of hundred blocks in basalt raised, on a ground of 3 ha in 1 770 m of height. This boxing ring surrounds a big tumulus of the Bronze Age. Several blocks form two exgrowths in antenna, sorts of paths, but also most probably dedicated to a role of observation of celestial bodies. The site would so have been able to be associated with a cult of the sun; holes of good size, drilled in certain blocks, serve probably as guides of sunbeams and would allow to realize certain positions of the sun, like a calendar. The site also possesses the vestiges of two housing environments. Karahunj was often compared with Stonehenge, Carnac and Newgrange, in their designs, and their functions.


Where is it?

Karahunj, Armenia

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