#484 – Visiting the Khans’ Palace of Sheki on the Silk Route in Azerbaijan

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#484 – Visiting the Khans’ Palace of Sheki on the Silk Route in Azerbaijan

azIdea #484 – Visiting the Khans’ Palace of Sheki on the Silk Route in Azerbaijan

Sheki (also Seki or Shaki) is a historic city of Azerbaijan, in the woody piedmont of the Big Caucasus, situated on the passage of the Silk route.

The Khans’ Palace of Sheki, the Khansarai, is know as one of the best exemple of work of the Islamic architecture. The palace was built by the Khan Hussein during the period of the independence of the khanat of Seki, to serve as summer palace of the Khans. The palace is richly decorated, inside as outside and the court(yard) offers a panoramic view on the city and the forests of the surrounding mountains.

The main building, the pond and the plane trees 500-year-old old men are the only vestiges of a big palatial complex, which also included a winter palace, residences for the family of the Khan and the districts of the servants. The summer palace contains two floors : three rectangular rooms are placed on-line, separate by of narrow iwans directed due south allowing to reach rooms. Floors are accessible separately to adapt itself in them public services and deprived. The main entrance is made in the South through both iwans, the ground floor was mainly used by the clerks and the magistrates. Two staircases attached to the north facade give access on the first floor, which was reserved for the family of the Khan and their guests. The building was decorated with numerous tiles of ceramic, fountains of inside, lighted by large bays in stained-glass windows colored, assembled on wooden shebeke, without nails or glue. The outside was decorated in dark blue, turquoise blue and ochre, with tiles, in geometrical motives and murals.

The internal walls of the residence are completely covered with frescoes painted in various periods of the XVIIIth century. A series of paintson the first floor depicts scenes of hunting and battle.


Where is it?

Shaki, Azerbaijan

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