#466 : Visiting the Danish Kings’ Graves in Roskilde

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#466 : Visiting the Danish Kings’ Graves in Roskilde

dkIdea #466 – Visiting the Danish Kings’ Graves in Roskilde

UnescoThe cathedral of the Holy Trinity of Roskilde is an ancient memorial and a Danish royal necropolis. She was the only one of Seeland until XXth century, and was the necropolis of the majority of kings and queens of Denmark.

This cathedral, of Gothic style, was built in the Middle Ages, between the XIIth and the XIIIth century. Completely built brick-built red, it was at the origin of the distribution of this style in the Northern Europe. In the next centuries, several chapels were built inside and outside of the church. At first dedicated to diverse saints, they served as mausoleums for kings and queens of Denmark from 1413, their styles evolving according to their period of construction. The cathedral is thus a kind of timeline of the evolution of the architecture of the Christian buildings in the Northern Europe. The cathedral welcomes approximately 150 000 visitors a year. It is registered with its environment on the UNESCO world heritage list.


Where is it?

Roskilde, Denmark

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