#463 : Exploring the oasis of Sierra de la Laguna in Mexico

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#463 : Exploring the oasis of Sierra de la Laguna in Mexico

Idea #463 – Exploring the oasis of Sierra de la Laguna in Mexico

UnescoThe Sierra of Laguna is a range of dry mountains situated in the peninsula of Baja California in Mexico. The Sierra was formerly an island, and inherited from a distinctive flora and a fauna(crowd) possessing many resemblances with those of the South of Mexico. The dry forests of the Sierra of Laguna occupy the bottom of the chain, between 250 and 800 meters in height, with of numerous cactus and of small shrubs. They are crossed by rivers forming real oases, and ponds hillsides of numerous Mexican valleys. Over 800 meters, the dry forests give way gradually to the forests of pines and oaks.

The Sierra possesses a rich fauna and a flora in particular the roe deer, the coyote, the hare, the puma, the grey fox, and birds as the coastal turtledove and the collared turtledove, the buzzard, the hawk and the owl. We find also 40 species of reptiles and 97 of the insects there, which are worth to it being classified reserve of biosphere by the UNESCO.


Where is it?

Cola dela Zorra, Sierra de la Laguna, Baja Californie, Mexique

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