#460 : Diving on the Salvaterria’s wreck in La Paz

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#460 : Diving on the Salvaterria’s wreck in La Paz

Idea #460 – Diving on the Salvaterria’s wreck in La Paz

This cargo boat, 90 meters long, sank accidentally after having struck the cliff of Swannee in 1975. The legend says that the captain and his second had a little made an excessive use of the bottle… The ship lays at 18 meters deep. Real heap of sheet steels, it is not possible to penetrate inside, by safety. The cargo of trucks is still visible, released everything around the ship, in a profusion of tires and fragments of tanks.

The wreck became an artificial cliff attracting an abundant marine life, shelter of a numerous fauna, in particular fishes-angels, moray eels and groupers. The visibility is not very good because of the plankton, as do not often at sea of Cortez, but the wreck is not less impressive there.


Some Pictures

Where is it ?

Cortez Sea, Basse Californie, Mexique

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