#458 – Observing the Big Dolphin in the Cortez Sea

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#458 – Observing the Big Dolphin in the Cortez Sea

Idea #458 – Observing the Big Dolphin in the Cortez Sea

Big dolphin, also called blower dolphin, big nose dolphin, or tursiops (Tursiops truncatus) is a cetacean with teeth, belonging to the family of Delphinidae. This species is very well-known, because it has been studied for a long time in captivity but also because the television series “flipper the Dolphin”.

Big dolphins measure generally from 2 to 4 meters in length, for a weight from 150 to 400 kilos. Its jaw counts from 20 to 28 teeth. Big dolphin is present in all the seas of the world, with the exception of the Arctic and Antarctic zones. Dolphins communicate thanks to a variety of sounds emitted through the “melon”, a nasal bag was situated on the forehead. Big dolphins live generally in a group formed by females and young people, while males form associations called alliances. This animal shows a certain curiosity during its meetings with human beings.


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Cortez Sea, Baja California, Mexique

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