#457 : Visiting the early christian necropolis of Pecs in Hungary

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#457 : Visiting the early christian necropolis of Pecs in Hungary

huIdea #457 – Visiting the early christian necropolis of Pecs in Hungary


Following the western annexation of Hungary by Roman Empire, Romain founded the city of Sopianae. It becomes a Christian important city during the first half of the IVth century.

The early Christian necropolis of the city of Pécs is registered on the UNESCO world heritage list since 2000. The registrationconcerns sixteen funerary monuments, but the cemetery includes more than five hundred more modest graves situated around the main monuments. Hypogaea, mausoleum and vestiges of chapels bare and kept on the territory of the necropolis constitute an exceptional inheritance of the early christianism. It is about one of the most important necropolises except Italy, and the richest collection of funerary monuments and architecture of this type in the northern and western Roman provinces, which reflect a diversity of cultural influences.

These monuments are important so much point of view structural as architectural, as far as they were built above ground level and served at the same time as funeral chambers and as commemorative chapels. They are also important on the artistic plan because of their walls richly decorated with frescoes illustrating Christian themes, exceptional quality. Representing the Virgin. The constructions were used without modification till the end of the XVIth century, so protecting the architecture of the place hanging one thousand two hundred years. 


Where is it?

Pecs, Hungary

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