#456 : Driving a russian army MTLB-U vehicule

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#456 : Driving a russian army MTLB-U vehicule

huIdea #456 – Driving a russian army MTLB-U vehicule

The MT-LB (russian : Многоцелевой Тягач Лёгкий Бронированный, Mnogotselevoy Tyagach Lekhko Bronirovannyi)The MT-LB is an armored multi-purpose and amphibian Soviet troops vehicle. It is based on the frame of a PT-76 and rest even today used by numerous armies worldwide. It is also known under the name M on 1970 on the West.

There are numerous variants of this vehicle of fight produced by the countries of the ex-Eastern bloc: East Germany, Bulgaria and Poland as well as by Iraq. The MT-LB knew a big variety of conflicts among which the Gulf War of 1991, the war of the Nagorno-Karabakh and the Iraq War of 2003. Weighing approximately 10 tons according to his configuration, equipped with an 380 horses engine, with a Caterpillar train, it supports armour-plates from 10 to 30 mm. This vehicle behaves with a gearbox with clutch and two control levers which allow to turn, by blocking a game of caterpillars. He is particularly strong, fast and allows to cross streams.


Some Pictures

Where is it ?

Varpalota, Vezprem, Hungary.

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