#455 : Driving a russian T-55 tank

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#455 : Driving a russian T-55 tank

huIdea #455 – Driving a russian tank T-55

The tank T-55 is an armored army vehicle, designed by Soviet Union and produced until year 1960. The tank appears in 1947, derived of T-44, the frame of which it resumes but by adapting it a new wider turret which can embark a 100 mm standard. If T-44 had known a confidential production, he is not the same for the new tank there which entered very quickly mass production to take over from his ancestor le T-34 85. It becomes with its by-products the standard armored car of the Communist Bloc and its layout, the archetype of the Soviet armored cars. The suspension includes five gear wheels of road, without pebble of return, characterized by a space between the first and second wheels. The armament, besides the standard, included a coaxial machine gun of 7,62 mm, and an antiaircraft one of 12,7 mm.

The vehicle evolves gradually, in particular at the level of the turret which by a gradual evolution becomes of hemispherical form. In 1958, a version, remotorisée with V-55 of 580 horses and equipped with a protection NBC of the model LA PAZ and of an again redrawn turret incorporating a floor, receives the name T-55. The capacity in ammunitions and fuel is then increased, the autonomy passing in 500 km. In 1963, T-55A is equipped with a protection LA PAZ/FVU completes who is characterized by an exgrowth of the hatches of the crew. The Tank T-62 succeeds it in 1962.


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Varpalota, Veszprem, Hungarn

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