#454 : Visiting the baroque city of Veszprém

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#454 : Visiting the baroque city of Veszprém

huIdea #454 – Visiting the baroque city of Veszprém

Veszprém A királynék városa (“The Queens ‘City”), is a baroque city built around its castral core, who was a royal seat,  then an episcopal seat, until the period of the Turkish occupation. It was a privileged residence of the Hungarian queens during the Middle Ages. The World War II and the Soviet occupation didn’t damage the old city. The old marketplace, today Óváros square, count numerous houses of XVIIIth and XIXth centuries. It gives directly onto the district of the castle, by the “Var” street  (castle street, in Hungarian), which counts more than 84 buildings of baroque architecture.

The Firetower is the last visible vestige of the medieval fortified wall, and appears on engravings of the XVIth century. It survived the Turkish wars, the attacks of general Austrian Heister in 1704, and the order of destruction of the fortifications given by emperor Léopold. Damaged seriously in 1810 by an earthquake, it was reconstructed by the architect Henrik Tumler in 1890, associated with a fire hose. The Var street ends in dead end, at the top of the rock, with the statues of king Etienne and Queen Giselle. Iy offers a fantastic view over the valley, over the rocks white with the mount Benedek, and farther the mountain chains of Bakony. 


Where is it?

Veszprem, Hongrie.

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