#453 : Visiting the historic quarter of Buda in Budapest

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#453 : Visiting the historic quarter of Buda in Budapest

huIdea #453 – Visiting the historic quarter of Buda in Budapest


The current city of Budapest was created in 1873 by the fusion of Buda – then capital of Hungary – Pest and Óbuda. It has for origin the site of Aquincum, where Celtic people became major of Lower Pannonie during the roman time. The Magyar arrive in the region in the IXth century. Their first point of setting-up is plundered by the Mongols in 1241-1242.

The city is reconstructed and becomes l’un of the centers of the humanist culture of the Renaissance in the XVth century. After almost 150 years of Ottoman domination, she pursues her development and knows her peak with the blooming of the industrial era in the XVIIIIth and XIXth centuries. After the fusion of 1873 and the entry of the city to the rank of second capital of Autriche-Hongrie, Budapest reaches the proportions and the characteristics of a world city.

Marked by the various tracks bequeathed by the history, Budapest was in particular the epicenter of the Hungarian revolution of 1848, the Republic of the councils of Hungary of 1919, the operation Panzerfaust in 1944, the battle of Budapest of 1945 and the riot of 1956.

Considered as one very beautiful cities of Europe and as the “pearl” of the Danube, its panorama, the district of the castle of Buda, the avenue Andrássy and the subway of the Millennium are in the UNESCO world heritage list.


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