#452 : Visiting the district of Pest in Budapest

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#452 : Visiting the district of Pest in Budapest

huIdea #452 – Visiting the district of Pest in Budapest


Since 1873, the formercity of Pest has formed the city of Budapest, with Óbuda and the former Buda, on the other bank of the Danube. This place-name indicates by extension the districts of the oriental bank of the river and is even often used as diminutive of the Hungarian capital, Budapest. The name Pest comes from a Slavic word meaning “stove”, “oven”, “cavity”, the explanation most generally accepted being that the name is bound to the caves of the mount Gellért on the other side of the Danube, where from some hot water passed by formerly in the Danube. The name Pest would then have passed from a bank to other one of the river, indicating at first the mount Gellért, then the antique ford situated at the foot of the mount, then the locality on the other side of the ford.

Among the symbolic places of the capital, let us quote Belváros – The historic heart of the city-, the Hungarian Parliament, the square of the Heroes and the avenue Andrassy, or the cathedral holy Etienne, who receives the relics of the holy hand of the first Hungarian, canonized king.


Where is it?

Pest, Budapest, Hungary

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