#449 : Visiting the historic city of Pécs in Hungary

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#449 : Visiting the historic city of Pécs in Hungary

huIdea #449 – Visiting the historic city of Pécs in Hungary

Pécs is situated in the southwest of Hungary, not very far from the Croatian border and is the fifth city of the country in terms of population. This city, European capital of the culture in 2010, differs from others by the presence of the Mounts Mecsek which surround it in the middle of large plains.

Following the western annexation of Hungary by Roman Empire, Romain founded the city of Pecs under the name of Sopianae. It becomes a Christian important city during the first half of the IVth century. The city is occupied by the barbarians to the fall of Roman Empire. Charlemagne reconquers the city; in 871, it is mentioned under the name of Quinque Basilicae (” five basilicas “), name which refers to the fact that the churches of the city were built by reusing materials coming from former five Christian chapels. The name of Pécs appears in documents from 1235.

In 1367, Louis Ier le Grand established the first university of Hungary to Pécs. After the defeat of Louis II to Mohács in 1526, Pécs is plundered and burned by the Turks, then is conquered by Ferdinand Ier in 1527, then taken again by the Turks in 1529. Finally, in 1686 Pécs is reconquered by Louis-Guillaume Ier de Bade.

The architecture of the city testifies of the overlapping of various periods. Pécs knew how to protect its early Christian remains; the necropolis is registered on the UNESCO world heritage list. The Turkish domination also left us valuable monuments, such as djamis, minarets and baths. Buildings of gothic styles, baroque and classic stykes add touches of color to the set.


Where is it?

Pécs, Hungary

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