#443 : Playing Gladiator in the movie studios of Ouarzazate

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#443 : Playing Gladiator in the movie studios of Ouarzazate

maIdea #443 – Visiting the movie studios of Ouarzazate

The museum of the cinema of Ouarzazate is opened in the Italian studios which welcomed the shooting of historic, antique and biblical movies. Its location at the heart of the city, but especially in front of the famous Kasbah of Taourirt, sets up him as an inescapable passage for the visitors.

From the entrance of the museum, the chain of corridors transports you sometimes in Greece or Ancient Rome, sometimes to the civilizations of the Middle East. By crossing a former Venetian convent, you will cross a Roman palace, a throne room, cowsheds and even to the prison where were imprisoned prisoners waiting for their last hour. Miss only arenas, in which the Australian Russel Crow had interpreted the role of “Gladiator” …


Where is it?

Ouarzazate, Morocco

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