#417 : Observing the giant lizards of Sri Lanka

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#417 : Observing the giant lizards of Sri Lanka

lkIdea #417 – Observing the saurians of Yala

The Malay Varanus (Varanus salvator) is a species of saurians of the family of Varanidae. It is sometimes called Varanus to two strips. The Malay Varanus can reach almost 3 m of length and weigh up to 60 kg. However, the average of the male individuals is lower than 2 m. It comes in the third position by the size from the Varanus-crocodile and the Dragon of komodo. It is an aquatic semi animal. They distinguish themselves from other lizards by the long neck, the triangular skull and their bifide tongue – as that of a snake. Carnivores, they have powerful jaws and members armed with five sharp claws. Varanuses are oviparous, they have external ears and eyelids. They cannot part from their tail as certain lizards make it. Us, we had the impression to observe a small dinosaur!


Where is it ?

Yala National Park, Sri Lanka

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