#415 : Visiting the Aurobindo’s Ashram

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#415 : Visiting the Aurobindo’s Ashram

inIdée #415 – Visiting the Aurobindo’s Ashram

The ashram of Sri Aurobindo was established in Pondicherry on November 24th, 1926. Sri Aurobindo withdraws there then with his partner, Mirra Alfassa, more known under the name of The Mother. Their teachings turn around the complete yoga, and some concepts vague and rather funny, in particular based on the role and the influence of flowers in the future of the world. To waste nothing, our two gurus also founded an experimental urban project, called Auroville (” the city of Sri Aurobindo ” but also ” the city of Aurore “). According to the terms of his designers, he had to be ” the place of a universal community life, where men and women would learn to live in peace, in a perfect harmony, beyond any faiths, political beliefs and nationalities “. In the center of Auroville, is Matrimandir (” the House of the Mother “), considered by Mirra Alfassa as the soul of the place. This kind of big golden golf ball contains an internal room(chamber), dressed in white marble, which shelters a globe of the biggest glass 70 cms in diameter, renowned to the world. The project did not know big developments but it is the opportunity(occasion) to cross some lit(switched on) which walk their flowerpot. All this turns, of course, from donations offered by the kind members of the ashram. It seems that you should not laugh, then we made what we were able to.


Where is it ?

Auroville, Pondichery, Tamil Nadu, Inde

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