#410 : Strolling in the streets of the “Great Sultana”

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#410 : Strolling in the streets of the “Great Sultana”

niIdea #410 – Visiting the historical city of Granada

Dominated by the volcano Mombacho, the city of Granada is located on the west coast of the lake Nicaragua, in approximately 18 km in the North of the Pacific Ocean. It is the third most big city of the country and is known for its well-preserved colonial architecture. Its nickname, the The Great Sultana, come of its buildings of Moresque Andalusian style. Granada was founded in 1524 by Francisco Hernández de Córdoba and was for a long time the main city of the region. It was plundered several times by pirates coming from France and from England during the XVIIth century. After the independence of Nicaragua, Granada becomes, in alternation with León, the capital of the country. Granada was preferred by the conservative regimes, while the liberals preferred León. To put an end to these quarrels, Managua, which is geographically between these two cities, was chosen as capital in 1858. 


Whre is it ?

Granada, Grenade, Nicaragua

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