#406 : Watching the Telica volcano magma

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#406 : Watching the Telica volcano magma

niIdea #406 – Hikking the Telica volcano in Nicaragua

Telica, one of the most active volcanoes in Nicaragua, consists of a group of cones and of craters which overlap. In 2015, the sommital crater Southern was the seat of an eruption. It peaks in 1061 meters, and he can be necessary to use horses of pack saddle to go up there, and transport tent and food. By leaving of the beginning of the path, the ascension takes approximately 4 hours, but it is also possible to accelerate it by using a 4×4. Camp allows there in particular to go to judge the activity of the crater in the darkness, which, if acid smokes which emanate from it are not too thick, presents reddening packages of lava. At dawn, you can then admire the panorama, the volcanic landscape, the castings and the huge lava bombs which strew the slope. Halfway up, you can also visit a lava tube, inhabited by very numerous bats. 


Where is it ?

Volcan Telica, Leon, Nicaragua

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