#399 : Observing the spotted Deer in India

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#399 : Observing the spotted Deer in India

inIdea #399 – Observing the spotted Deer in India

The Deer axis (Axis axis) or Chital is a present cervid naturally in the woody regions of India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and of Ceylon. The name ” chital ” comes from the Hindi cital, stemming from the Sanskrit citrala wanting to mean ” with spots ” .Il was also introduced in Central Europe, in Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and the USA. All year round, its fawn-red coat concerns rows of small white spots the back and the sides. It distinguishes itself from the deer by not webbed wood containing in most three antlers. Legs are white. Medium-sized males are from 85 to 100 cms in height in the shoulder, until 1.20 m – 1.30 m as high as the head, and the length of the body varies from 130 to 160 cms. Their weights oscillating between 35 in 75 kg, for 55 kg on average. Females measure 70 in 85 cms high in the shoulder, 1 m in 1.20 m at the top of the head for a length varying from 100 cms to 130 cms and a weight going from 25 to 45 kg, that is 35 kg on average, according to the individuals. It is a graceful, ornamental, popular, introvert and gregarious animal. He lives in a group of 10 to 60 individuals, including generally 2 or 3 males. We met them in India in our most great pleasure. 


Where is it ?

Bandipur National Park, Karnataka, Inde

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