#396 : Visiting the moghol Red Fort in Delhi

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#396 : Visiting the moghol Red Fort in Delhi

inIdea #396 – Visiting the Red Fort in Delhi

UnescoThe Red Fort, so called the Shahjahanabad or Lal Qil’ ah’s palace fort, is a fortress of architecture moghole of Delhi, in India. The Red Fort is held on the side is of Shahjahanabad. It was built by the moghol emperor Shâh Jahân between 1636 and 1648. It is about a gigantic complex which contains palaces, marble buildings, ponds and mosques. The outer wall measures near 2,5 km long and measures between 16 m of top on the side of the river and 33 m of top near the city. The fort owes its name to the red stoneware used for its construction. Symbol of the independence of India, the fort is also the place since which Prime Minister of India addresses the nation on every August 15th, anniversary of the independence of the country. The site is registered on the list world of the heritage of the UNESCO since 2007. 


Where is it ?

Red Fort, Dehli, Inde

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