#376: Being attacked by a gray langur monkey of the King Hanuman

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#376: Being attacked by a gray langur monkey of the King Hanuman

lkIdea #376 – Observing the langur of Hanuman in Sri Lanka

Semnopithèque Entelle (Semnopithecus entellus), more known under the name of Entelle or of Langur, is a primate who lives in the Indian area. We also call him Entelle d’ Hanuman, the Hindus vénèrant as representatives of the god-monkey Hanuman, whose ape-like army participated in the rescue of Sita, the wife of the god Rowed who had been kidnapped by king of devils, according to the Sanskrit epic of Ramayana. The body of this monkey can reach 70 cms long with a 100 cm tail. Youngs are born with a fine dark fur which thickens and wears a golden color firing at the grey. They are organized in strips which can sometimes live in town. The animal being considered as almost crowned, it is never worried by the human presence, and it is not rare to see it feeding directly on offerings in temples! Diets of Entelles essentially consists of leaves, flowers and fruits… In the nature, it likes housing environments steep and covered with vegetation. He can live until 40 years. Watch out, some of these monkeys can show themselves relatively aggressive when we encroach on their territory.


Where is it ?

Sri Lanka

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