#364: Visiting Nemo the Clown Fish

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#364: Visiting Nemo the Clown Fish

mvIdea #364 – Watching clown fish in the Maldives

Clown fishes, or Amphiprioninae, are a sub-family of fishes which account thirty species, quite classified by the genre Amphiprion, with the exception of one. Clown Fishes  measure about ten centimeters. Generally of orange colors and black, certain species present strips or white bars. One find them frequently in lagoons and coral reefs of the zone Indo-Pacifique and the Red Sea. Clown Fishes are are mainly known for the mutualist relation which they form with ten species of sea anemones, normally mortal for fishes. They also distinguish themselves from other species of young ladies by their successive hermaphroditism: this peculiarity defines a particular social order within an anemone, where the dominant individual is female, bigger than the rest of the group. It forms a stable couple with a male sexually active, a little smaller. Other individuals of the group are immature males which do not intervene in the reproduction. Let’s go seeing Nemo !


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