#354: Swimming down the Sesia in Hydrospeed

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#354: Swimming down the Sesia in Hydrospeed

itIdea #354 – Swimming down the Sesia in Hydrospeed

The hydrospeed is an activity of glide and open air being practised in rivers. It is usually called “Hydrospeed”, of the name of one of very first ballcocks which was mass-produced for this discipline. Its practice indeed requires a foam ballcock intended to pilot its trajectory and to protect itself from shocks on rocks, a complete swimsuit in neoprène provided with protections for knees, with a helmet, with a vest, and with finns. The passage of rapids is always rather impressive, stressed by the effect generated by the position in short some water.


Where is it ?

Localita Isola, Sesia, Piémont, Italie

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