#353 : Reaching 100 kph in Tyrolean

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#353 : Reaching 100 kph in Tyrolean

frIdea #353 – Reaching 100 kph in Tyrolean

To make a success of this performance, we tried to the “fantasticable”, the impressive Tyrolean one well thought. After a weighing intended to calibrate the power of the strong stopping strong rubber band, for the landing, we took place in superman position, to reach the 100 kph speed on two segments, the first one of 1200 meters then the second of 1325 meters, a 240 meter height over the valley of Châtel. The sensations are pleasant, very close to those of a flight ; we caught taking itself for a bird of prey, overflying a Savoyard valley. Unfortunately, not possible to see a marmot during the flight.


Some Pictures

Where is it ?

Châtel, Haute Savoie, France

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