# 348: Watching the largest Iguana in the world

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# 348: Watching the largest Iguana in the world

fr Idea # 348 – Observing the green iguana in Guiana

Iguana iguana, the green iguana or léza in Creole, is a species of tree-dwelling lizards and herbivores of the genre Iguana native of South America and power plant. The adult measures approximately 1,5 m of the head in the tail, and certain specimens can reach 2 m and weigh 5 kg, what in fact the most imposing iguanas. It takes diverse colors according to its region of origin, its tint which can take various tones of green, but also be pinkish, bluish or orangy. It is also characterized by the visible black rings on its tail and its crest of backbones. The green Iguana spends most of its time in trees, to feed on foliage. It is the territorial animal which shows itself aggressive to the other males, in particular in period of reproduction. It is hunted or feed up to supply the local markets, but also to supply the market of pets. In case of attack, the iguana can use its tail as whip or bite. As many of the other lizards, if we catch it by the tail, the green Iguana can part from it by autotomie, to escape, that this being able to then grow again. Let’s go, we go to see this mini dinosaur !


Where is it?

Guyana, France

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