#343: Observing the jaguars of the Guyanese Savannah

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#343: Observing the jaguars of the Guyanese Savannah

frIdea #343 – Observing the jaguars in the french guiana

The jaguar is the biggest big cats speckled with Guiana and Americas. It is a carnivorous mammal of the family of Felidae as lion, tiger or panther. Creole gaveit the name of “Tig” or ” Tig mawké “, Brazilians call him “Onça” or ” Onça pintada ” and Spanish ” American Tiger “. Its scientific name is Panthera onca (Linnaeus, on 1758). 68 cm high a 76 cms in the withers, its body can measure between 1,10 m and 1,85 m for males and its weight varies from 30 kg to 158 kg with a 100 kg middleweight. Its tail can measure from 44 cms to 56 cms. Its fur is generally fawn speckled but can vary of the brown to the black. It is covered with spots in circles and bows but which are different from an individual in an other one. Its fur clears up at the level of the stomach, of the internal face of the members and the throat. The bite of the jaguar is the most powerful of all the Felidae being able to even pierce shells of tortoises. He bites generally the skull of his victims directly, so striking them a fatal blow in the brain. Mainly carnivorous, at the same time diurnal and night-solitary hunter, it feeds on mammals of any sizes, as tapirs, peccaries, agoutis, peccaries, capybaras or armadillos. This animal remains nevertheless very difficult to observe, because always very wild.


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Guyane, France

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