#336: Exploring the Kaw’s swamp in Guyana

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#336: Exploring the Kaw’s swamp in Guyana

frIdea #336 – Exploring the swamp of Kaw in ffranch Guyana

The Nature reserve of the Swamps of Kaw is one of the six nature reserves create by the French State in Guiana. Covering 94 700 hectares, this nature reserve is the third of France by its surface after that of French Southern Earth and that of Nouragues, but also the vastest wet zone of France. The plain but also the mountain of Kaw are known for their exceptional biodiversity. Indeed, the forest of the Mountain of Kaw possesses the strongest pluviometry of the Guiana, what would explain that she would have served as refuge for the flora and fauna during the periods of big droughts of the last geologic era. We can observe caimans there, of which the rare black caiman, or the biggest rodent of the world called Capybara, as of very numerous ornithological species.


C’est où ?

Marais de Kaw, Guyane, France
[3 x 1000] Where is it? [3 x 1001]
Marais de Kaw, French Guiana, France
[3 x 1000] [3 x 1001]

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