#330: Exploring the Neolithic village of Skara Brae

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#330: Exploring the Neolithic village of Skara Brae

gbIdée #330 – Visiting the archeological site of Skara Brae in Orkney Islands

UnescoSkara Brae is a Neolithic archeological site situated on an island of the Orkney, in the North of the Scotland. The Neolithic site remained buried until 1850 under dunes, near the beach, before being partially updated by a strong storm. In 1924, similar weather conditions finish clearing the vestiges of the village. The site was the object of several periods of activity and house, between 3100 before J.C. and 2500 before J.C. There are the foundations of eight similar housing environments there, gathered by a series of low paths. Walls and roof of houses were covered with earth and with diverse hillocks of waste, broken potteries, bones, shells and rests of animals, intended to supply an insulation in houses submitted to the hard wintry climate of the Orkney. Houses, of an average surface of 40 square meters, possessed a wide squared room containing a big fire place ; Stone furniture, such as cupboards, chests of drawers, seats and closed beds lined with wide stones, are still visible. The village benefited even from a sophisticated system of pipes which included maybe a primitive shape of toilet in every housing environment. The number of inhabitants has probably never overtaken 50 in 100 units for the same period. The exceptional state of preservation of this village was worth being registered on the UNESCO world heritage list within the group “Neolithic Heart of the Orkneys”. Let’s go !


Where is it?

Skara Brae, Mainland, Orkney Islands, United Kingdom

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