#327 : Watching the gray seals from John O’Groats

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#327 : Watching the gray seals from John O’Groats

gb Idea #327 – Observing gray seals from John O’Groats

The Scotland is without any doubt the most convenient place to the observation of the grey seals of the Atlantic Ocean. Their number and their regular distribution on the beautiful Scottish coastal areas make them easy to observe. The grown-up grey seals have rather long heads and in profile the ‘aquiline nose’ which contrasts with the face of the common seal who looks like more that of the dog. But it is necessary to remember itself that the young grey seals have a more round face.

Thus look at their nostrils on our video: those of the grey seal are almost parallel cracks, whereas those of the common seal are tilted in ‘V’. The grey seals are curious about men and, in the wide, you will track down it maybe observing you. Let”s go, looking to their eatrs !


Some Pictures

Where is it ?

John O’Groats, Scotland, United Kingdom

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