#326 : Elucidating the mystery of Loch Ness

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#326 : Elucidating the mystery of Loch Ness

gbIdea #326 – Elucidating the mystery of Loch Ness

Loch Ness is a lake of fresh water situated in Highlands, in the Scotland, in the southwest of the city of Inverness. Of very lengthened shape, the log extends over approximately 39 km; its width varies from 1,2 to 2 km and its maximal depth is 272 m. It is the biggest lake of the Scotland in term of volume and the second in surface, avec54,6 km ².

The lake is more particularly known for its watch, Nessie, who would haunt its waters since the end of the VIth century. In 565, the holy Irish monk Columban saved one of its followers of the attack of an aquatic called monster ” the year Niseag “, while he tried to swim across the lake to return a failed boat. Saint Colomban made a sign of the cross and called upon God’s power, by shouting in the monster not to affect the unfortunate. In 1971, father Grégory Brosey contemplated the lake when he lives a big animal go away in the wide. In 1972, a diver told to have seen an enormous “frog” while he explored the wreck of a trawler.

Several fishermen mirror for a long time to reveal to have seen the monster. From 1930s, several expeditions tried to find the creature, by rustic ways, as by recent campaigns of sonar. Several echos indicating the presence of ” big masses non-identified in movement ” and of submarine caves were recorded by devices. In numerous cases, the realized observations are explicable by physical phenomena or hoaxes. Nothing thus seems to prove the existence of the monster, even if it would sometimes seem, on our images, even if the animal exists.


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Loch Ness, Scotland, United Kingdom

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