#323: Going to King’s College near the Cam

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#323: Going to King’s College near the Cam

gb Idea # 323 – Visiting the historic city of Cambridge

The site would have been occupied from the bronze age, with a continuity in the Iron Age. The city develops really only as from the Roman invasion in Great Britain, in 40 BC The site of Castle Hill is then used to establish a front military post there called “Durolipons”, defending the river Cam and Via Devana who connects Colchester in Essex with the garrisons of Lincoln and of the North. After the Saxon invasion, the city knows a period of decline ; in 875, the city is taken by the Vikings, which allows a new economic development. At the end of period Viking, the Saxons take back briefly the power. In 1068, two years after the beginning of the conquest of England, Guillaume de Normandie builds a castle on Castle Hill. Of this period also date typical round church ” Round Church “. In England, Cambridge is mainly known for its universities. The first school, established in 1200, is the one of Pythagoras, whose building is still visible in Saint John College’s park. Its creation is followed in 1209 by that of the first Cambridge University. The oldest still existing college, Peterhouse, was established in 1284. Of King College be a member of the most known; its chapel, begun in 1446 with the will of king Henri VI, was finished in 1515 under the reign of king Henri VIII. Among 31 colleges which compose the university, also let us let us quote Trinity College, St John College, Of Queen College, and finally Emmanuel College, more modest but renowned for the quality of he academic works of its students. Also let us indicate that the Cambridge University Press publishing house began its activity in 1534, with the obtaining of a licence to print. If you walk towards Cam, you can also discover punts, rectangular boats completely flat, being formerly of use to the transportation of goods on Cam, and reconvert for almost a century for the leisure. They became a symbol of the local life, to make out a will if the opportunity arises. Let’s go, educate ourself!


Where is it?

Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

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