#322: Taking a bath in Bath

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#322: Taking a bath in Bath

gbIdée #322 – Visiting the historical city of Bath

UnescoBath is an English city of the county of Somerset, in the southwest of England, close to Bristol. Known from the Celtic period and dedicated to the goddess Sulis, the city is officially established in 50 before J.C. by Romain, who calls her Aquae Sulis. In 60 – 70 AD. The latter create a sanctuary, accompanied with a thermal complex there, which will develop over the three centuries which will follow. Baths will be given up at about VIth century, then resumed from the XIIth century. In 973, Edgar is proclaimed first king of England in the Abbey of Great. In 1590, queen Elizabeth I grants it the status of city by royal charter. During the georgian period, the city takes up with its antique past by becoming again popular by its thermal activity. The city benefits then from an important development, and grows rich of numerous stone-buildings of characteristic size of this period. The architect John Wood l’ Ancien and his son, John Wood the Young person, design then new districts with streets and squares in the identical facades, giving a sensation of grand vast mixed with a classic decorum; Circus, Royal Crescent, or Pulteney Bridge are of beautiful illustrations. The city of Great is registered on the UNESCO world heritage since 1987.


Where is it?

England, UK

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