#319: Visiting the Spanish capital Madre de Dios

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#319: Visiting the Spanish capital Madre de Dios

esIdée #319 – Visiting the city of Madrid in Spain

Madrid is the capital and most big city of Spain. The city was founded in the IVth century by Romain, who baptize the castrum ” Mater Dei ” in homage to the god Juno. The name evolves then in Madre de Dios, later hispanisation and christianization of the name, to become, finally, by contraction, Madrid. In the VIIIth century, during the Muslim conquest of the Iberian Peninsula, emir Muhammad Ier renamed the city Majrît and settled his court there. In June, 1561, king Philippe II orders the movement of the court from Toledo to Madrid, making of her the capital of the kingdom. In the contemporary history, the history remembers the uprising of the Spanish people against the French troops in 1808, and thesiege of Madrid, during the Spanish Civil war from 1936 till 1939. Let’s go, we are going to eat some Bellota ham


Where is it?

Madrid, Spain.

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