#313 : Coming aboard the nuclear submarin S611

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#313 : Coming aboard the nuclear submarin S611

frIdea #313 – visiting the submarine Redoutable S611 in Cherbourg

The Redoutable, the nuclear-powered missile ballistic launcher submarine ( SNLE), is the first one of this type built in France, in the 60s. The construction of the submarine begins at the end of 1964 in Cherbourg; the machine, equipped with a propulsion nuclear and capable of shooting missiles with nuclear warheads, weighs then 9 000 tons, for 128 meters long, and more than 10 meters in diameter. In its launch, the submarine was equipped with 16 missiles ballistic  M1 (450 kt on 2 000 km), then M2 from 1974, then of missiles M20 containing each a nuclear warhead of a megaton and a reach superior to 3 000 km. During its service, on board, two crews of 135 men each (120 men and 15 officers), “Blues” and “Red” take turns so that the ship is operational any time. In 20 years of services, the submarine made 51 patrols, 3 469 days at sea, and 83 500 hours of dive (that is 11 years in the sea among which 10 in dive). The Redoutable was removed from the active service on December 13th, 1991 and demilitarized on July 24th, 1992. The direction of shipbuildings (called tthe DCN),  decided then to dismantle the ship which will last a little more than two years. During the course of the year on 1993, the “slice reactor” is besides separated from the submarine then transported on a specially fitted out and protected earthquake-resistant area. Since 2002, the submarine is shown into the museum of the Sea of Cherbourg. 


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Cherbourg, Manche, France

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