#312 : Dancing at the last french great Republican bal

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#312 : Dancing at the last french great Republican bal

frIdea #312 – Dancing in the bal of the Ecole polytechnique

The “Bal of X” is a prestigious evening, organized by the Committee of the Bal of  the Ecole polytechnique, of the Association of the alumni of the Ecole polytechnique, the AX. It was founded in 1879 and its purpose, which did not change since then, is charitable. The bal, under the high patronage of the president of the republic of France, gathers every year approximately 2500 participants, among whom we find generally graduate of Polytechnique prestige engineering school of any generations, French and foreign dignitaries, senior officials and company directors, personalities of the political, scientific and cultural spheres, and guests.

The Bal takes place traditionally to the Garnier Opera, and exceptionally to the Palace of Versailles, approximately every 15 years in 20 years, to celebrate big events of the community, as the bicentenary of the School in 1994 or for 150 years of the AX, in 2015, year of the release of our video. The evening is punctuated in particular with the quadrille of the Lancers, traditionally danced by 16 couples of pupils of the second year. Last big republican ball, there is an exceptional event.


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Where is it ?

Château de Versailles, France

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