#308 : Searching the Cuban Tocororo

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#308 : Searching the Cuban Tocororo

cu Idea #308 – Exploring the natural parks and rural areas of Cuba

Within the massif of Escambray hides Al Nicho’s national park. This protected, extremely beautiful park, offers magnificent waterfalls, which pour of ponds in ponds, offering a grandiose show. The tropical vegetation is there luxuriant, and by raising eyes, you can probably perceive “el tocororo”, the trogon of Cuba, the national and mythical bird of the island, relative of the Quetzal, and which carries the colors of the Cuban flag. The park is situated at approximately 2 hours of Trinidad’s road. The route will make you take Topes de Collantes’s steep road. The offered panorama is unique is worth of an excursion for itself. The access remains difficult and impracticable by car of tourism, but one 4×4 or a good old Russian truck will bring you to the park.

Do not hesitate to visit also the multiple caves of karstic networks of the island, to observe bats, crabs and lizards there. In the passage, a bend in a local village to taste the cooked pig on the ember and the various doughnuts  can be a good idea. Watch out, on the other hand, you can meet a snake, lying near of your plate! Let’s go, an d enjoy your meal !


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Park Al Nicho, Cuba

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