#296 : Taking off in Paragliding pulled by a winch

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#296 : Taking off in Paragliding pulled by a winch

fr Idea # 296 – Using a winch paragliding

Paragliding consists of a wing, in light cloth, from which a stand is suspended by hangers. The activity, derived of the parachute, gets closer more other practices of air sports, as the gliding or the hang-glider today. The flight requires normally an inclined plane for the take-off, with a certain made uneven. It is also possible, as shown in this video, to take off in plain by being towed by a power-driven winch which asks for an implementation and specific knowledge: indeed, any side gap from the pilot with regard to the plan of towed can lead to a locking, the system veil / winch being by nature unstable laterally as soon as it is under stress. Once the desired height infringes, the paraglider releases then the rope connected with the winch, the latter coming down again with a parachute to avoid an effect of whip on the winch driver ; The pilot of the paragliding can then offer himself a classic flight. Let’s go for the take off !


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Senlis, Oise, France

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