#295 : Driving a kart on a track of silicone

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#295 : Driving a kart on a track of silicone

fr Idea #295 – Driving a kart on a slippery track

Watch out, that’s sliding ! The “on ice” kart is practised, in fact, on a dry track, covered with a specific synthetic surface of silicone, handled regularly with a special product. The result is surprising, you have the feeling to drive on the ice, the skid being permanent. Fir trees, rocks, snow, banners of the Trophy Andros, the room is decorated to give you the feeling to be in the mountain. Miss only the cold (and we do not complain about it!). Once in ours kart, we forget everything to concentrate on the driving. The slightest second of inattention is moreover fatal, because the on ice piloting has nothing to do with the other forms of driving is thus needed a certain experiment, and the first tours are often the opportunity of friction, even meetings with the tires of the edge of track. Let’s go, we make warm tires, even if that does not melt the track !


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Where is it ?

Wissous, Essonne, France.

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